How to Get Started?

How to Get Started?

Welcome to Ji Hong Tai Chi & Qi Gong

How to get Started?

First, you have to create an account with us. You can then proceed to add the FREE Trial package to your account. We recommend booking one each of the following classes to try.

  • Tai Chi Basics
  • Qi Gong

If you need help, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

What to Wear?

Come to class dressed in comfortable clothing, you want to be able to move freely without restrictions. There are some moves that will require squatting down slightly with your feet at least shoulder width apart.

Please bring a pair of indoor shoes to change into when you arrive at the studio. We try to keep our facilities clean and outdoor shoes are not permitted inside the studio. You should wear shoes with no heels and shoes with thin flexible soles are recommended. Alternatively, you can simply wear socks or go barefeet. If you are not sure what kind of shoes are best, ask your instructor and you can also purchase appropriate tai chi shoes at the studio.

What to Expect in Class?

Beginner classes are taught by our certified instructors. Your instructor will continuously assess your ability to perform the various movements and adjust accordingly. If you have any limitations, injuries or medical conditions that you would like the instructor to know, please do share this information with the instructor either in class or ask to speak to the instructor in private.