Tai Chi - the Martial Art
Push Hands – Yang Style – Part 2
Push Hands - Yang Style - Part 2
The same basic principles that you apply to the single hand push pattern should also be applied to the double hands push pattern. The significance of these principles is more pronounced as the external interferences have now doubled. With all four limbs committed to the movement, it is much easier to make mistakes like losing your balance, breaking your arm bows or forgetting to relax and sink.
Tai Chi for Mental Health
One Tai Chi Student’s Perspective
One Tai Chi Student’s Perspective
The modern approach to Mental Health considers three domains of the human being. These three domain views of mental health is called The Biopsychosocial Model.  It refers to the three domains of a person when we want to consider how to optimize the health of the whole person. The three domains are: BIO is for Biological; Psycho is for Psychological and Social refers to the interaction with others and the sociocultural environment.