Which Tai Chi style should I learn?

Which Tai Chi style should I learn?

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Selecting the Tai Chi Style That is Right for You

Tai chi improves overall health, reduces harmful stress, improves posture and balance and strengthens vital internal energy. You will reap numerous health benefits regardless of whether you choose to practise Chen, Yang, Wu, Sun or Hao style tai chi.

Consider your goal and physical abilities when determining which tai chi style is right for you. If you are a beginner looking for something that is easy to adopt, Yang and Wu style are easier to learn than some of the other styles.

If you are recovering from an injury, Yang style is the recommended style to practise. The upright posture and easily adapted stances will put the least amount of stress on muscles and joints. The slow, gentle stretching and strengthening of the muscles will help with recovery.

If you want to improve core strength or have certain range restrictions, Wu style is recommended. The short and leaning stances build strong core and back muscles, and does not require big movements.

If your goal is to build overall strength or you are interested in the martial arts aspects of tai chi, you might like Chen style tai chi that requires strong lower body strength and incorporates explosive movements.