Qi Gong and Fitness

Qi Gong and Fitness

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Qi Gong

Our Qi Gong classes consist of slow body movements coordinated with natural breathing to stimulate the energy flow through your body.  In addition, the soft tissues of the body will get a good work out when the postures and movements have you contorting gently to stretch specific muscles, tendons and / or ligaments.

These slow moving motions end with specific body postures around specific meridian lines of the body so that each meridian is cleared of any blockages which may adversely affect health and cause illness.

A set of Qi Gong exercise typically includes 8 to 12 movements. Each movement is repeated multiple times in a slow and controlled manner.

Each Qi Gong session covers:

  • Practicing 2 to 3 sets of Qi Gong exercises
  • Detailed instruction and explanation of one to two moves from the chosen set

Each term we select 2 of the following sets to practice:

Qi Gong classes are especially suitable for desk jockeys and anyone seeking a simple, effective way to relieve stress, relax and stretch out tense muscles, and to promote healing of tendons and ligaments. This class however is not suitable for those who have just incurred spinal injuries, as there are many moves that involve twisting and stretching of the spine.

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(To learn more about the qi gong sets that we teach, read the blog – What is Health Qi Gong?)


The goal of the Fitness classes is to improve the fitness level of participants and at the same time to enhance tai chi techniques, internal power and whole body coordination. This class is beneficial to both beginners and experienced tai chi practitioners. There is no prerequisite for the class, just come prepared for a good workout.

The class content may include the following:

  • Warm-up exercises.
  • Practicing tai chi techniques in isolation, using explosive force and agile footwork.
  • Exercises that concentrate on core muscle groups, such as the abdominal, back, hip and pelvic.
  • A variety of stretching exercises to improve flexibility.
This total body workout will improve your energy level and reduce the risk of injury when exercising. 

You do not need any prior training to take this class and you can also take this class regardless of your fitness level.