Live Performance of Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an INTERNAL martial art, commonly described as “moving meditation”. It can help maintain health as well as build skills to better movement, balance and biomechanics.

As we will witness in this demonstration, there is a lot of flow and grace in each of the movements, with a variety of speeds and dynamic interactions.

Tai chi is not just a slow moving exercise you see on TV or in the park, it is so much more. So, let’s get to know some of the lesser known aspects of tai chi.

Chen Village – The Birthplace of Tai Chi

Chen Village, the birth place of Tai Chi with roots dating back over 300 years. The oldest and original form of tai chi comes from Chen Village, therefore it is named Chen Style Tai Chi.

In the early years, the original Tai Chi forms were kept a secret and practiced solely by villagers of all ages to defend the community and also as a means of livelihood.

Tai Chi may have started as an internal martial art but the Chinese soon discovered that it offered enormous pro-active health benefits to those who practice it daily.

Tai Chi – An International Martial Arts Sport

Tai Chi has also become an international sport, with athletes showcasing the grace and beauty of tai chi movements that vary between slow and fast, soft and powerful, with low stances, jumps, kicks and strikes.

In the late 1800s, a modified version of tai chi emerged called Yang Style Tai Chi. Yang Style Tai Chi is a gentle and flowing form, performed at an even speed, with simple, direct and easily adaptable stances.  This form of tai chi is the most widespread and commonly practiced form of tai chi today.

Tai Chi for Health & Fitness

People of all ages practice tai chi for improving health and fitness. Learning Tai Chi is challenging with a steep learning curve, but the benefits and rewards are profound and long lasting.

Everyone starts with the basic skills program to learn vocabulary, principles and foundational movements before branching out to either a Yang style or Wu style or Chen style tai chi, and weapons at the advanced levels.

Learning Tai Chi at Ji Hong Tai Chi Mississauga

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